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Our Mission

Having taken into consideration the richness & diversity of the Sri Lankan cultural milieu, The Tower Hall Theatre Foundation takes upon itself to be the custodians of the tradition of performing Art Forms and is committed to:

  • Foster indigenous traditional theatre.
  • Be concerned of the welfare and well-being of serving artistes of the bygone era and their dependants.
  • To heighten awareness of the citizenry regarding traditional theoretical art forms.
  • Increase the quality of life of the citizens by providing wholesome entertainment of a cultural genre.
  • Be repository of Sri Lankan historical cultural art forms while promoting ethnic religious harmony.
  • The affiliated Institutions, of Performing Art Centers and ancillary services functioning under the Tower Hall Theatre Foundation. 123, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.


The Tower Hall Theatre Foundation (THTF) was established under the THTF Act No. 01 of 1978. Its Head Office is honed at 'Sausiripaya', 123, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07.

The Objectives of the Foundation

The aims and objectives of the Foundation shall be:

  • To encourage and promote national Theatrical activities.
  • To develop and propagate the knowledge, understanding and practice of the Theatre.
  • To provide financial assistance to Theatre artistes and craftsmen, and to assist in the training of artistes.
  • To engage in the production, experimentation and performance of opera, dance, drama and music.
  • To restore, preserve, maintain and utilize the Tower Hall Theatre as a national monument in order to secure the objectives set out above and for such other purposes as the Board of management of Tower Hall Theatre Foundation deem fit.

Further Objectives

  • Beside the objectives emphasized in the T.H.T.F. Act No 1 of 1978 , the administration of the Foundation headed by its Director General, with the approval of the Hon Minister in charge of the Subject (Minister of Cultural Affairs ) the Foundation envisages Following activities too. Further Objectives rather Objectives.
  • Propagation and improvement of National Theatrical activities and the, preservation of famous and lesser known Nurthi songs and enhancing the quality of art forms connected with theatre.
  • To assist eminent Artistes financially for the production of quality Dramas and presentation of such performances to urban and rural audiences country wide.
  • Affording welfare facilities such as medical checkups with follow – up reports and medicine prescribed by competent doctors in the respective fields , at the cost of the Foundation to performing Artistes both in the traditional and contemporary art forms;To bring to surface the in-born talents of the up- coming Artistes in providing them with a systematic training by versatile renowned teachers in relevant fields.
  • Affording material, equipment etc, that are necessary for the performance and education of drama and music.
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