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The Tower Hall is our National is our National Heritage. Prominent national leaders like Anagarika Darmapala Piyadasa Sirisena and Colonel Olcott who are regarded as the forerunners of developing our nation used this historical theatre for their development activities.

This building which housed a stable for horses was developed in 1911 and was utilized to stage dramas under the name of tower hall the tower hall being the pioneer to bring forth a Sri Lankan theatrical culture that this grately influenced the present day literary activities of drama and music ha won the praise and compliments of a multitude of patrons. The late president R.Premadasa made this institution a foundation and established it under the Tower Hall Theater Foundation Act No.1978.Along with this the Tower Hall winder perspectives, was modernized and equipped with modern theatrical equipments and electrical fittings.

The Tower Hall Theatre at Panchikawaththa Road, Maradana, Colombo 10, stands from its inception in December, 1911 to date with a serene grandeur as a monumental treasure of the Sri Lankan art lovers. The Tower Clock at the façade epitomizes the glory that abounds aloft this foremost theatre hall. It has survived through decades of social and cultural torments and turmoil amidst which it stood upright to face with the drastic transition that took place with the advent of European Culture.

The whole premises were resurrected with a comprehensive refurbishment programme but retaining the historical aspects in situ, costing foundational coffers a pretty thirty two 32 Million rupees. It was ceremonially re-opened on August 16th 2000. With this renaissance, capacity has now been increased to 856 seats.

The management now provides the following to audiences, visitors and the public. The restaurant provides refreshments savories and beverages and meals of a quality standard.

Well maintained museum affords the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the costumes worn by the performing Artistes of the Tower Hall Era, copies of ancient Dramas and their manuscripts.

Hire of above costumes for dramas and other activities. The facility of a spacious modern stage with computerized lighting a sound system. (Donated  by the Government of Japan. Availability of the lift able miniature stage used during the Tower Hall Era.

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Address : Tower Hall Theatre
Panchikawaththa Road,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka.  
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Telephone : +94 11 2431878
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